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The is the combination of FORTEX's BRIDGE OMX and Genesis Business Group's SCTS. Each transaction of the customer will automatically match and execute, and traded at the best price. FORTEX's ECN technology is used to integrate with major banks and ECNS liquidity pools. ECN is the abbreviation of Electronic Communication Network, which GOLD TINKLE ECN technology developed exclusively by Genesis Business Group is an electronic communications networks, in another word trader-less platform.


ECN is a Forex/Gold Trading technology that uses a centralized-dispersed market structure. This model is accomplished through close cooperation with banks, financial institutions, foreign exchange market and technology providers. Fund managers, online traders, AI trading, etc. orders are directly and anonymously listed on the platform via the MT4/MT5 system. ECN system then connects the orders which is further dispersed to the major banks and liquidity pools. Each transaction order is the same processing pattern, with the best-optimized price and time.

Around the world, most stocks and futures exchanges have adopted this model. In such a market, both sides of the transaction include a large number of retail investors and institutions, sufficient liquidity, transaction standards, the transaction target price is appropriate, the transaction fee is appropriate, so large-scale electronic trading can be adopted.

In the GOLD TINKLE ECN system, the customer's order is submitted directly to the liquidity pool for the transaction. Liquidity pool refers to a liquidity supply chain consisting of major clearing banks and national liquidity providers. Because the orders placed through ECN are one-on-one and anonymous transactions, customers can get the optimal clearing price and lower spreads. Under the ECN model, Genesis Business Group is only responsible for delivering customer orders and earn commissions. While the customer's order trades with other players in a unified liquidity pool.

The platform only does technical integration, thus reduces the unfairness of the traders and prevent the pricing operators’ interference. There is no re-quote, which reflects the real fairness and reasonable.



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