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Genesis Business Group provides budding traders with the tools to effectively complete trades and earn money from them.
This is known as the Gold Tinkle Project. To truly challenge the Wall Street and City of London grip on trading, Gold Tinkle wants to start by providing customers with access to gold and foreign exchange trading through the Internet.
To start off, Gold Tinkle is based on the copy trade system. Copy trading is the term for when traders copy the trades of successful traders directly into their trading platform. In most cases, this copying is done via a social trading platform through which traders can assess their ‘leading traders’ and make informed decisions about who to copy.
Copy trading differs from “mirror trading” because mirror trading generally allows traders to copy specific trade strategies, rather than specific traders.The difference is subtle, but important: when using a copy trader, traders can get the advantage of having a personal touch to include a stop loss or to manu-ally adjust the trade to enhance the results or mitigate risk. With a mirror trader, a technical system is set to execute the trade if the parameters are triggered, and there is little or no human oversight.
As one of the most popular trading modes in the market, copy trading is increasingly forcing out traditional trading and technical analysis-based methods.With sophisticated traders simply a touch away,traders can minimize any time lost or man-made mistakes. Under this mode, all an investor needs to do is to understand more of the trading records, choosing and copying his or her dedicated trader for each lot and enjoying the profit.
So for Gold Tinkle, Cheng says, “We provide a platform for traders and prospective traders who are ready to invest. We call this socialtrading. The platform enables free will pairing. Individuals get to pick their preferred trader. Leveraging on the Super Copy Trade System, when a transaction is completed, the platform will calculate the profit and loss at a fixed time.”
"The Super Copy Trade System is based on the [multi-account manager] MAM system. So for example,you invest in 1000 US dollars. Your group is within the boundary of US$1000-1999, which is equivalent to 0.1 lot. So,  whenever something happens, say maybe the market or trader is adversely affected, you’ll be protected because you’re in the grouping system, no matter what happens, it minimises your risk within the group.  This is of course unless the market has a fluctuation of more than 10,000 points up or down, which has never happened. To cut a long story short, it protects the capital for all our investors.” Through growing customers’ trading knowledge and providing them with the tools to start their own trading wealth, Gold Tinkle may one day become the next Wall Street in Asia, creating a third nexus to challenge the twin strongholds of New York and London.
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