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Kuala Lumpur, 2 September 2019 – To promote and carry forward the spirit of social responsibility amongst the corporations and foster a healthy community welfare culture; Yayasan Usahawan Sedunia alongside its partners co-organised The Malaysia CSR Day 1919 at HGH Convention Centre last 1st of September.
This by-invitation only dinner was a gathering of some 700 odd enterprises who share common interest in promoting the importance of ‘corporate social responsibility’. Of which the International Entrepreneur Alliance (IEA), Yayasan Insan Melaka, Phoenix Magazine, Global Fortune Magazine, Tan Sri Ng Teck Fong Foundation, Malaysia Chinese Cultural Association, Shenzhen Economic Association of China and many other social leaders together shoulder the responsibility of leading enterprises to promote the development of charity & public welfare undertakings.
In line with Genesis Business Group’s principle to give back to society; help others, fulfilling yourself, participated as the official main sponsor. This event is an annual initiative. The theme for this year 2019 was "Passing Love, Warming Heart"
Genesis Business Group is a multinational enterprise with businesses in finance and education. The operation in Malaysia is focused on financial education. The group’s mission and business activities focus not only on profit-making, but a commitment to social welfare. As the Group’s business focus is in education, since its inception has demonstrated a commitment to various educational welfare; Malaysia Underpriviliged Children Students Education Fund and SJKC Jinjang Tengah II fundraising charity bazaar, to name a few.
David Cheng, group chairman of Genesis Business Group Limited, the official main sponsor of the Malaysia CSR Day 2019 in his speech last night, “Enlightened Government, Business, Civil Society and Legislators already understood that today clients and consumers are more and more sophisticated. They are more discriminating in their choices than in their behaviour. And so they are able to reward the companies that show a real commitment to the principle and to the practice of CSR.”
He urges everyone to show real commitment in making our one and only world a better place by telling the world how you do this, as well as helping others learn to do it by sharing your sincerity and experiences.
Congratulations to the 26 CSR Award recipients of the night; namely Dato' Alan Lim, Alex Tang, Ken Lee, Smooth Oh, Jack Mah, Isan Wijaya and Dr Eddy from Genesis Business Group.
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