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Million Tinkle

Based on the concept of “customer-oriented and time-advanced”, in the past few years, the business of MTI (company registration number: 1134735) has steadily expanded with the increasing number of customers. We understand that we must provide the best service to meet every customer’s needs. Therefore, we provide spot gold, silver investment transactions, spot gold bars delivery and other services comprehensively. MTI has extremely stringent requirements for the integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and foresight of staff at all levels. This is the only way that we can maintain our long-term advantage and competitiveness, and assist all our customers in grasping the investment opportunities in a rapidly changing market.

This company is the only designated agent of MT GOLD Co., Ltd.. MT GOLD Co., Ltd. is a registered gold and silver trader of Hong Kong Gold & Silver Exchange (CGSE) and is supervised by the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Industry Trade Center. As a registered dealer in the Hong Kong Gold & Silver Exchange (dealer number: 136, AA, QH), MT GOLD Co., Ltd. must always maintain the highest standards, and obey the policies of Hong Kong Gold and Silver Industry Exchange (CGSE) policy and regulations of financial report system and cannot conduct any actions that may harm the interests of clients.


Million Tinkle Ten year anniversary

On 8th April, 2018, the evening banquet of Million Tinkle 10th Anniversary was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. The theme was“Ten years of Glory”. Venue was carefully orchestrated, along with the designated area to taking pictures with our Spokesperson, Mr. Aaron Kwok. On top of that, every guest had dressed up to dazzle the importance of this evening event, making this an unforgettable grand occasion.


The most popular precious metal investment platform


10 years of side by side,
customer-oriented, quality service

Trading Gold has always been a great way of an investment preservation. As time waits for no man, Million Tinkle has fitted itself with the latest technology and software development, electronic trading broker and market development, becoming one of the pioneers of the internet broker.

As Hong Kong our base, Million Tinkle not only developing its businesses in Asia and globally, we have the awareness and enthusiasm for the public good. Hence, Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange and Million Tinkle sponsored for the 2018 World Bowling Tournament, right here in Hong Kong, so that we can contribute and support Hong Kong Sports development.


4TH Chinese Economic Model Innovation & Development Summit 2018 ” China Industry Leading Brand


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